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I love listening to podcasts. I’ll admit I’m a bit addicted to them. I love that you can listen to them while you are doing something super boring like driving in the car for 10 hours or mowing the lawn or cleaning the bathroom. I often listen to a podcast when I am walking alone which makes what can be a boring hour simply fly by.

I’m amazed at how many podcasts there are to choose from. You can find podcasts on every subject from money to science to comedy to sex. But health and wellness podcasts are my absolute favorites to listen to. And, as of late, personal development podcasts run a close second.

So what are my favorite health and wellness podcasts? Here are my top 5:

  • Underground Wellness
  • Fat Burning Man
  • TEDTalks Health
  • Balanced Bites
  • Bulletproof Radio

If you haven’t listened to these before I highly recommend you try them out. I catch them on Stitcher but I’m pretty sure there are lots of other ways to listen.

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